Well it’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally moved this site over to Drupal. I had used Drupal to develop the Intranet at my former employer and really enjoyed the experience. Since then I have wanted to migrate my personal site, as I found Drupal easier to work with and much less daunting than WordPress. There are also infinitely more possibilities now that I am working with a real CMS.

I had definitely lost interest in blogging, and my last redesign didn’t turn out quite as I had imagined, in large part due to the fact that I just couldn’t wrangle WordPress with my limited knowledge of PHP.

I know that I like to tinker and design more than actually post interesting content, so maybe this is just another experiment. If so, well hey, that’s my prerogative. But I’m hoping that the new, light design, and the fact that I can actually manipulate the site without pulling all my hair out, will inspire me to spend a little more time here.

I do find it quite ironic that in one of my last posts I stated that I would do a post a day, and that was seven months ago. Maybe not ironic, just sad. Regardless, I think a post a day is probably unlikely for me. I’m going to start with a post a week. Actually, fuck it: no expectations.

Enertia House

David Pogue just wrote an article about the Enertia House, a house which regulates its climate throughout the year, by creating its own atmosphere. Very cool concept:

The sunspace is always on the south, or the side that’s within 35 degrees of south. It connects to the attic, which connects to the space between the double north walls, which connects to the basement. There are metal grilles in the sunspace floor to complete the convection loop.

Read more (or buy yourself a house) at enertia.com.


Okay one more quick post for the night. I could go on, but I don’t want to use up all my good ideas…

Here is the first post in a series on all the cool apps I’ve found recently. I just got this one tonight, and I love it. Small, simple, free. In other words, perfect.

Desky is a little app that changes your desktop picture. Its beauty lies in the fact that you only have to drag a picture onto the icon and it opens up, changes the background, and quits all in a matter of seconds. And with OS X’s ubiquitous drag-and-drop capabilities, you can do cool things like drag an image right off of a webpage onto the icon in the dock, and “voila!”, instant desktop glory.