Columbia Capital

Role: Design, Development

Columbia Capital is a leading investment firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses. However, their website was in need of a revamp as it was looking dated and not effectively communicating their achievements and services. Our goal was to create a website that accurately reflected their position as industry leaders and showcased their success stories.

To achieve the goals set out by Columbia Capital, we provided the following services:

  • Design exploration and branding to update the visuals and make sure they aligned with the company's image and values.
  • General website design updates to modernize the look and feel of the website, including the header, footer, typography and other global elements.
  • New homepage design that incorporated content from existing Home, About, and Strategy pages to provide a clear and concise overview of the company.
  • Updating the design of the Team, Portfolio, Sector, and Contact pages to better showcase the company's expertise and services.
  • Front and back end development to ensure a seamless user experience and to ensure the website was optimized for search engines.